March 7, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days

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I’m working on two books at the moment, neither of which is moving very fast. My usual mode of writing has been to set aside a few substantial chunks of time each week, allowing me to really dig into what I’m doing. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been working as well as it did in the past, in part because of the difficulty of finding those chunks of time in my schedule.

Inspired by my writing partner (She Who Keeps Me On Track), I’m going to try the “30 minutes a day” approach. The goal isn’t to produce great work everyday, but to build the habit of writing regularly. As part of that, I realized how much I enjoy writing for “fun.” I occasionally write¬†Ares the Beta Fish, but it is self-limiting since I need to borrow the neighbor’s beta fish to blog on his behalf. I just took over Loki the Frog and in addition to being fun, it is pushing me to write consistently and to craft my actual words and sentences carefully. As part of writing 30 minutes a day, I’d like to use that blog and this one as warm-up exercises.

The 30 days seems like an appropriate amount of time to commit to building a new habit. It also coincides nicely with my physical therapist suggesting I try anti-inflammatories for 30 days to combat a worsening frozen shoulder. So, there you go – I’ll be popping the pills and gluing myself to the computer for the next month. Let’s hope that by this time in April, I’ll have at least a partial book, if not a pain-free shoulder.