March 8, 2014

Day 2: Suck It, Shoulder

Posted in Writing at 5:42 pm by melissaautumn

Woot! I accomplished 35 minutes of writing yesterday and took a step forward on a big book project.

This was a nice contrast to the mixed emotions I have about my shoulder, which could be summed up as the good (I’m getting PT earlier than last time, Aleve is helping with the pain, I still have good range of motion, and all things considered, life could be worse)  versus the bad (I can tell this is going to be an uphill battle with me and my PT on one side and my shoulder on the other). I’ve had a pretty relaxed attitude about my shoulder for the last month as I felt the “freezing” begin (my mantra, “it is what it is”), but yesterday I struggled with a creeping sense of discouragement.

Meeting my daily writing goal became something I could control and then a tangible accomplishment in a day that started with frustration. I appreciate how simple the goal is – write for 30 minutes, period. I don’t need to finish a chapter, I just need to write for 30 minutes. This, I can do.

If you are interested in the 30 minutes a day idea, here are two resources: